That Mona Lisa Smile Though …

Mona Lisa is one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s greatest works of art. Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t think the Mona Lisa would be as famous as it is today. This painting has gone through a lot and lived an interesting life as a painting.  The Mona Lisa has showcased  in Paris, placed in rich people’s bathrooms, hung in Napoleon Bonaparte’s bedroom, then getting stolen by an Italian Thief.

The Mona Lisa wasn’t famous until she was stolen. Articles and rumors were made about the painting and people thought Pablo Picasso could have stolen it. After those speculations  the Mona Lisa got her fame.

The Mona Lisa has a mystery to her that no one can really solve. People wonder about her purpose, her life, her smile, and her invisible eyebrows.

I read an article about The Mona Lisa recently. The article talks about her facial expression and how some people perceive it differently than others. To sum up what I read it said that if you see the painting while you are in a bad mood you will see the Mona Lisa is frowning and if you are in a good mood you’ll most likely see her smiling. monalisa.jpg

Her smile is very subtle and that’s what confuses people about the painting. I’ve always grown up thinking she wasn’t smiling but she is smiling.

I never really thought about this until I saw a video about Mandela Effects. A Mandela Effect means that a large population of people recall or remember something to be true when in fact it never existed in the first place. For example most people remember the Mona Lisa without a smile when in reality she always was smiling.  People who believe in Mandela Effects believe that  time travel exists and possibly past events change due to time travel. It is interesting to think that her face changed due to time travel.

This study just reminded me of that and kind of gives me reassurance that maybe it’s just a psychological thing rather than time travel.

This was a pretty creepy post but I found it fun to write about.

Here is a link to the Article I read :


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