Coloring again…

Originally I was going draw this image of Chalino Sanchez in pen but I decided to color him in because I haven’t used Prismacolor Pencils in a while. Another reason  is because I was trying too hard to get the proportions right and I just wanted to move on with something else and went right in with color. It was a small sketchbook image on tan paper so it didn’t take me long to color him in. Colored pencils give me an option to render something out to make it look more proportionate. I’m better at shading in shapes than drawing them with solid lines. I think that’s just how I taught myself to draw.

It’s kind of funny. I’m jealous of people who can pin point a shape and line it out instead of shading it in. If I line something out it doesn’t look clean at all it’s super sketchy and I have to erase over it a million times.  I sometimes have the urge to shade everything in instead of using line. Colored pencils give me that freedom to blend and layer, it has that painterly feel.

The only problem is it takes forever to layer the colors in. I also heard that Prismacolor Pencils break easily and people have been complaining a lot about it lately. I still have an old set from years ago and they work fine but who knows. I’ve seen some video reviews about it and I guess their quality has changed.

Anyways this person I drew is Chalino Sanchez and he was a famous Mexican singer that was a big part of the Southern California scene and would sing for drug smugglers.  Just a unique character in general.



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