Working for Adult Swim Would be a Dream

I’m getting my associate’s degree by the end of this year and I guess this is a life checkup to see where I want to go from here. Seems weird that I am halfway from getting a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design. I still have a lot to learn and it seems scary to me that I have two years left before I go out in the world and find a job related to graphic design. I guess I am worried that I will not have enough skill or confidence to pursue a job in graphic design by the time I graduate. Two years seems soon.

Something I’d like to accomplish and seems like something I’d really enjoy doing is interning for Adult Swim in their graphic design program. At the moment I am definitely not ready to intern for them.  Once I transfer to a university and have a better understanding of some programs I will apply  in hopes that I will get in.  By the summer of next year I’ll apply to their intern program, if  I really dedicate my time to learning how to use Indesign , Photoshop, and Illustrator.  I read the requirements needed to apply to their program and it’s basically just knowing how to use those three programs that I listed.

It’s just something really cool to be a part of and something unique to add to my resume. Adult Swim is full of creative artists that make amazingly weird content and I really want to be a part of that. If I don’t get in by my junior year  I will reapply the summer after that and so on.

If I get accepted to this internship I will interact with the creators, animators, writers and producers, that work for Adult Swim. That would be an amazing experience! This could easily be a open door to work with one of those animators or producers in the future.

I basically copy and pasted some of their requirements below

What will you be doing? 

  • Preparing/sizing files for digital and social media formats
  • Performing photo research
  • Occasionally designing brand-related pieces under the direction of the Art Director
  • Assisting the Art Director with daily assigned tasks
  • Gaining an understanding of truTV’s branding manifesto
  • Gaining an understanding of truTV’s marketing initiatives

What do we require from you?

  • Proficiency in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Excellent sense of layout and design
  • Strong typographic skills
  • Excellent organizational, communication, and presentation skills
  • Eagerness to learn, enthusiasm and an easy-going attitude
  • Must be currently working towards a BA or certificate from a Graphic Design, Digital Design, Illustration or a related field
  • Photography skills are a plus
  • A sharp sense of humor

I guess I’ll use this as a checklist.

I am eager to learn, and I’m working towards a BA in graphic design so those two things are checked. All I need to work on is typography, layout design, and those three programs. The other things like sense of humor and photography I have a good grasp on.

Some graphic design jobs might look for these skills too. So it’s nice to start looking up jobs that interest me and work on things that they are looking for.


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