Poppy the Coppy?

Moriah Pereira is a famous YouTube star who has videos of  her doing weird new wave performance art and music. Her style is unique and she portrays an innocent character named Poppy. Most people would say her videos are on the creepy side. From observation I noticed that her videos have a juxtaposition between kid themes and disturbing social themes in some way. Her videos have been seen by millions and she has become a successful pop star that is always in character as Poppy, a futuristic little innocent girl that can also creep you out.

Let me show an example.



What most people don’t know about Poppy is that she isn’t the mastermind behind all of it. The person behind this project is Titanic Sinclair.

Recently he is being sued for stealing his ex’s identity and for property damage. His ex is named Mars Argo and she is also a YouTube star. She used to make videos with Titanic Sinclair before he made videos of Poppy. The strange thing is that Argo’s  YouTube videos are oddly similar to Poppy’s content. She also commented that Poppy looks oddly similar to her and dresses the same way she did in her YouTube videos.  She is sueing him and Moriah for copyright infringement of her identity.

Let me show you how similar Mars Argo’s videos are to Poppy’s


Now Poppy’s Version

Now… the question is… Who’s style and ideas are they? Titanic could have had a bigger role in Mars Argo’s videos or maybe Mars Argo made up her own style of videos since the beginning.

I just thought this was an interesting thing to write about. Being an artist myself, I thought I would comment about it. Like physical art, even your own concepts can be copyrighted in videos. I just find it fascinating that you can get justice over someone stealing your style of art. I think it’s great that Mars Argo is standing up for her art and this just gives other artists an example that they should also do the same in these type of situations.

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