Fantastic Landscape

For my design class I had to create a fantastic landscape in Adobe Photoshop. It was a pretty open ended project and that’s what I liked about it. Usually when assignments are open ended like this one I can show a little bit more about myself.

My interpretation of a fantastic landscape is a place I’d enjoy to live in but doesn’t exist. I’m the type of person who loves the city. Most people might disagree with me and say a city is less enjoyable to live in than out in nature but I’m a city girl. I love how accessible anything can be in a city and how easy it is to get around.  I also like how cities never sleep. I’m a night owl so I don’t mind living in a city that is full of life. I like the mystery a city has, there is a lot of mystery  and alleys that might lead you to small shops or hidden venues. Cities are also full of culture and different people from around the world. Cities are like a living organism that has small parts working as one.

I tried to show the liveliness of a city in my fantastic landscape by showing linear movement in some areas of the composition. The color scheme really pops out. The color scheme and movement of the buildings is what makes my landscape fantastic in my eyes and it just seems like a fun place to live in.


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