Kurt Cobain is on a Plain



I made this piece in Adobe Photoshop. I also got inspiration from Nirvana’s song

“On a Plain”  


It’s my happy song to be honest.  ” I LOVE MYSELF BETTER THAN YOU” It’s just such a sassy song but the meaning to the song could be anything. It could either be about drug abuse or breaking off a relationship because you rather love yourself. When I listen to music I picture visually what he is singing and  I imagined Kurt Cobain sitting on a yellow plain full of red poppy flowers all by himself.

Most people might not know this but Kurt Cobain was talented in the visual arts as well. He made paintings and drawings throughout his life. Oh, and sculptures too.

Let me show you some of his work:


Incesticide ( Acrylic mixed with oil)  By Kurt Cobain 


Fistula ( Acrylic mixed with Oil) 



Art doll used in Lithium’s Single








A collage he made … Photographed by Charles Peterson … Used in the Utero Album Cover.

This goes to show you that I love Kurt Cobain, and he has influenced me in my creative journey. He must have had some strange fascination with fetuses and would incorporate it a lot in his art. I find his art appealing because it’s raw and grotesque.  I have an appreciation for anatomy and it’s grotesque side.  There is such a thing as grotesque art.

The last piece really has me in awe, I see a garden and babies everywhere, I wonder what his artist statement was for that.


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